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ITIN Home Loans

An ITIN Home Loan from RanLife could help you turn your dream into an address.

An ITIN is used mostly for tax purposes for those who do not have residency in the US. The ITIN Home Loan is for someone who lives in the United States and does not have a social security number but they do have an ITIN. For many individuals living in the US who don’t have a social security number buying a home can seem like an obstacle that could be too big to overcome but using an ITIN Home Loan allows you to do just that and it's very similar to a traditional home loan. If you are one of the 4.5 million people in the US who own an ITIN and have dreams of owning your own home then a RanLife ITIN Home Loan could be the home loan for you.

What is an ITIN 

An ITIN stands for Individual Tax Identification Number and is used for people who need to pay US taxes but do not have a social security number for a number of reasons. It is available for both residents of the US and non-residences. Besides paying taxes an ITIN can be used to open a personal checking account and build credit through personal loans. These are just a couple of additional uses for the ITIN number. To obtain an ITIN number you must fill out a W-7 form and then submit it and all paperwork required either through mail, IRS walk-in offices, or an accepted agent of the IRS.

How To Qualify For A RanLife ITIN Home Loan 

  • Primary or second homes only
  • Must have a valid ITIN card, utility bill, and an entry stamp to the US
  • Max 80% LTV
  • Must have established credit in the US
  • Cash to close must be in a US account that is seasoned for 30 days or more
  • Reserves in foreign accounts are ok
  • 6 months' worth of reserves are required
  • Can close in a Trust or Business (Title only)

A RanLife ITIN Home Loan lets you accomplish what you may not have thought was possible. Having a valid ITIN card not only gives you the freedom to open a personal checking account, and obtain a personal loan but even gives you the opportunity to purchase a home. RanLife lets you achieve that dream of owning a home even without a social security number.  

Fill out the form below to contact Ranlife Home Loans expert today to see if an ITIN Home Loan is right for you. Our experts are here to help you turn your dream into an address. 

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