Whether buying or selling, it is always advisable to use a professional Real Estate Agent. RanLife is here to help shed some light on why using a real estate agent is not just wise, it is practically necessary.

A Real Estate Agent wears many hats throughout the course of each day and each transaction. An Agent’s full-time job is to be the liaison between you and the other Agent involved in a real estate transaction.

Why Use A Real Estate Agent? 

1. Education

Real Estate Agents have to be licensed to be realtors. This means the Agent must endure hours of studying and learning, then prepare for one exam that determines by a “pass” or “fail” if the Agent receives a license. Agents are also required to complete ongoing training to stay current with the laws and changes in the real estate industry. Unless you have studied real estate and have your own license, hiring a professional is your smartest move.

2. Experience

This may very well be your biggest financial investment. Whether big or small, you should still hire a professional to navigate the process. When selecting an Agent, be sure to interview possible candidates and ask trusted friends or relatives for referrals. You will want to find someone with experience in your geographic area of interest, as well as with the full real estate process. Time and money are both in limited supply. Hiring an experienced professional will save you both time and money in the long run.

3. Knowledge

Real estate Agents have easy and quick access to all the accurate data. An Agent’s continuous training allows the Agent to stay on top of all the changes in the market. Agents also have a wealth of resources. That, coupled with their background and experience, only add to the individual’s value in the industry.

Area Information  - Agents have intimate knowledge and understanding of local neighborhoods. Agents can pull reliable area comparables to create an accurate pricing benchmark. They can also help gather data on schools, demographics, crime statistics, parks, and nearby businesses.

Current Market Conditions - Information such as home comparables, average sale prices in the area, average days on market can help direct your decisions. In addition, for buyers, knowing the background of a listing of high interest may also be quite helpful. If the buyer has a serious interest in submitting an offer, the buyer may find it helpful to know the total time on the market, if there were previous offers, how long the seller has owned the home, etc. Real estate Agents have access to this information.

Referrals for Reputable Vendors - Real estate Agents are very connected in the local community. Agents work with preferred Lenders, home inspectors, home repair companies, landscaping companies, title companies, and a variety of other business professionals often needed during the real estate process. Your Agent will recommend businesses with a good reputation, efficient service, competitive pricing, and quality work. This type of vendor referral is great for saving time and the hassle of searching for the vendors on your own.

4. Act As A Buffer

Time is valuable and most of us don’t have enough of it these days. An Agent takes a lot of the work out of the real estate process. Of great value is an Agent’s ability to act as the liaison and buffer throughout the process. For a buyer, the Agent handles the communication from a seller’s Agent and works diligently to answer all questions. For a seller, the Agent filters all buyer’s Agent inquiries and works hard to keep interest up while the property is listed to bring in serious buyers.

5. Document Manager

For anyone who has been through a real estate purchase before, they are aware of a large amount of paperwork that comes with a sale or purchase. An Agent is responsible to manage all of the documents and ensure all “i’s” are dotted and all “t’s” are crossed. An Agent is equally responsible for maintaining the contract and keeping all timelines on schedule. Considering the legality behind a real estate transaction, an agent takes the responsibility of keeping all documentation and meeting all legal requirements.

6. Pricing Guidance

With access to current market pricing, Agents can provide guidance regarding the pricing of the real estate transaction. For example, with buyers, the Agent can help prepare them for realistic market prices based on the buyer’s search criteria and geographic location. With sellers, the Agent can guide their pricing strategy for their listing, along with any necessary price reductions while the property is listed.

7. Master Negotiator 

Top performing and skilled Agents negotiate well. This is largely due to an Agent’s experience. Agents can easily remove themselves from all the emotional ties of a real estate transaction.  Great Agents are more than mere messengers. For the buyer, an Agent is trained to present the offer and negotiate on behalf of the buyer, including positioning the offer in the best light to entice the seller to accept. On the opposite side of the transaction, the seller’s Agent will review all offers and advise the seller on whether to accept, counter, or reject outright.

8. From Beginning to End

An Agent will be there from the moment he or she is engaged to represent either the buyer or the seller and through to the very end of closing the transaction. Agents are indispensable in helping navigate the full real estate process, and even long after.

9. Future Transactions

It is not likely that your current home will be your last. A highly qualified real estate Agent is a great connection to maintain. You can provide a trusted referral to your friends and family, which your Agent will so greatly appreciate, and can use that same Agent for future real estate needs. Remember that an Agent’s ongoing success and immediate income are based on positive referrals. Agents are always focused on making each client’s experience the best for that client.

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