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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Four Questions First-Time Home Buyers Should Ask Themselves

 Blissful Home Buying Process

Four Questions First-Time Home Buyers Should Ask Themselves
If you are considering purchasing your first home, you should read the following four questions and tips. There are many questions first-time home buyers may have. Start with these four and follow up with your Realtor on any other questions you have.

  1. What type of home is best for you?
    Consider all home types out there - everything from a single-family home to a townhouse, or a condo to a multi-family unit. Once you know the type of home you want, you can begin your search.
  2. What features does your home need?
    Know your list of needed features and consider writing it down. If you are buying a home with another person, you will need to share your lists with each other to understand what the other person expects. You will want to be flexible on some things and know which features are “deal breakers.” Your list should include basics, such as home size, number of bedrooms, location and neighborhood, schools, and proximity to job/friends/family/etc. Be sure to share these details and required features with your Realtor before you begin your home search.
  3. How much do you qualify for?
    Before you start looking at homes, you will need to know how much you qualify for in a home loan. Your Realtor can recommend a trusted lender. Your lender will give you a pre-qualified home purchase total amount, depending on factors like how much additional debt you have, your total monthly income, and how long you've been at your current job. Lenders take numerous factors into consideration to determine how much you qualify for, and most sellers require a lender pre-qualified letter stating that total before considering an offer from a potential buyer. Be sure to have your Lender confirm your total monthly mortgage payment based on the total amount you get pre-approved for. You may want to look for homes lower than your pre-approval amount, depending on your monthly payment amount and overall financial goals. Still looking for your ideal Lender to get you pre-approved? RANLife Home Loans will take care of you and help guide you through the home loan process. Click or call today to get started. EASY APPLICATION PROCESS 800-461-4152
  4. How do you find a trusted Realtor?
    Your real estate agent will help you locate homes that meet your needs, contain as many of your requested features as possible, and are in your price range for what you can afford. Your Realtor will help you every step of the way, educating you as to the steps of the process and assisting you through each step until you close on your new home purchase. Our Realtors at RANLife are educated and experienced in the industry. We strive to always provide the best service to all our clients. Call us today to get started. (801) 478-4545 http://www.ranliferealestate.com/

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