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Saturday, August 26, 2017

How to Find the Right Agent for You (And Key Questions to Ask)


Finding the Right Agent is Crucial

Starting the real estate process includes finding a real estate Agent. If you haven’t worked with an Agent before or need to find an Agent in your area (or the area you are looking to purchase), it is important to find someone who works well for you and with you. Read the below tips and accompanying questions you can ask when searching for and interviewing potential real estate Agents.

1. Ask Trusted Friends and Family for Agent Referrals
Friends and family will only recommend Agents who they know will do a good job. They will give you honest opinions about the Agent recommendations and can help introduce you as well. A word of advice: Do not simply go with the Agent that is recommended. Be sure to interview the Agent and ensure he or she will be the right fit for you. The following tips include some questions to ask Agents during the selection process.

2. Find an Agent Who Works in Your Area
Agents working in the area you are looking at will be more knowledgeable and experienced for that particular market. The Agent can also assist with narrowing down neighborhoods that are a best fit for your lifestyle and needs.
  • Question to Ask: Which areas do you specialize in?

3. Confirm an Agent’s Realtor License
Although it seems obvious that an Agent would have a valid license… it never hurts to confirm. You can easily search an Agent’s name to confirm that he or she is operating legally in the state.
  • Question to Ask: Do you have a copy of your current Realtor license?

4. Discover How Long the Agent has Been in the Business of Real Estate
You want to work with an Agent who has some experience. Depending on your comfort level and expectations, this will determine the amount of experience you require from your Agent. There is no magic number here; but, with this being one of your biggest purchases, you want to make sure you select an Agent who knows the rules and has been through the process before. In addition, you can also ask how long the Agent has worked in the area you are looking at.
  • Questions to Ask: How long have you been a licensed Agent? How long have you worked for your current brokerage? How long have you been working in the area?

5. Vet the Potential Agent by Contacting Previous Clients
After meeting your potential Agent, request a list of references. Contact the Agent’s references and asked pointed questions about their experiences with the Agent and their overall real estate process.
  • Questions to Ask: How was your experience with the Agent? Would you recommend the Agent to your closest friends and family? What did you enjoy most about working with the Agent? What did you dislike about working with the Agent?

6. Do Not be Swayed Solely on Agent Costs
As is the case with most purchases in life - you get what you pay for. Qualified Agents can charge a higher commission, but you get a higher quality experience, and likely a shorter real estate process. When buying, you can try to negotiate a lower commission rate later in the process. Still, knowing the costs associated with the Agent up front are important to the process.
  • Questions to Ask: What do you charge your clients? Aside from your commission, are there any additional fees you charge? Are your costs negotiable?

7. Look for Charisma
It is really important to have comfortable connection with your Agent. You will need to trust your Agent throughout the real estate process, and enjoy working with your Agent daily. After an in-person (or over the phone) meeting with your potential Agent, and with the addition of the above interview questions, you should get a good feel for the Agent’s work ethic, trustworthiness, manners, and capabilities.
  • Questions to Ask: What separates you from your competition? What is your strategy to helping me as a buyer/seller? Do you work with a list of preferred vendors for additional needs (lender, inspector, home repair, etc.)? What haven’t I asked you that I need to know?

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