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Monday, May 19, 2014

Community Involvement: RANLife Plans to Ride in American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure

You are invited to join us!

The RANLife team is currently gearing up for their 2nd year in the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure Brigham City ride! The bike ride takes place on June 14th, 2014 and RANLife is welcoming the public or anyone interested to join our team.  You can do so by following this link http://goo.gl/uNF70P.

The Tour de Cure has become a yearly tradition in RANLife's community participation.  Last year they had just under 10 people on their team, this year already they have over 20 participants registered with more estimated to come! Check out these facts and myths below about Diabetes and find out more about why YOU should get involved too!

Did you know?

25.8 million of children and adults currently suffer from diabetes

Out of those people, about 7 million have not yet been diagnosed by a doctor

About 79 million people are considered Prediabetes with this number increasing daily!

Commonly heard myths about Diabetes

Myth: Diabetes is not that serious of a disease
Fact: If you manage your diabetes properly, you can prevent or delay diabetes complications.  However, diabetes causes more deaths a year than breast cancer and AIDS combined.  2 out of 3 people with diabetes die from heart disease or stroke.  

Myth: Eating too much sugar causes Diabetes
Fact: The answer is not so simple.  Type 1 diabetes is caused by genetics and unknown factors that trigger the onset of the disease; type 2 diabetes is caused by genetics and lifestyle factors.  
With that said, research shows that drinking sugary drinks is linked to type 2 diabetes.  The American Diabetes Association recommends that people should limit their intake of sugar-sweetened beverages to help prevent diabetes including: soda, punch, fruit drinks, energy drinks, sport drinks, or sweet tea.  

Myth: You can catch diabetes from someone else.
Fact: No. Although we don't know exactly why some people develop diabetes we know diabetes is not contagious.  It can't be caught like a cold or flue.  There seems to be some genetic links in diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes.  Lifestyle factors also play a part.  

*Facts taken from the American Diabetes Association

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