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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

4 little things you can do this summer to save big on your electricity bill

Don't find yourself stuck paying high electricity bills this summer!

Summer is right around the corner and the weather is finally becoming getting warmer and warmer. However, with warm weather comes high electricity bills in order to keep your home cool.  That's why we've created a short list of small things you can do around your home to make a large difference on your electric bill:

Turn it down

The easiest thing you can do to reduce your monthly electricity bill is to turn down the cool air. If you're like most households, there is a certain time period of the day that you are always gone whether that be working, going to school, etc.  With a programmable thermostat (most are programmable these days) you can easily turn off the cool air at time periods you know you will be gone. By turning down your thermostat at least 7 to 10 degrees during the day for 8 hours or so can shave up to 10 percent off your yearly bill.

Seal It Up
It's also a good time to scope out your house for any cracked windows or doors that could be letting the cool air out.  Often times, replacing a cracked window is a minimal cost but can save you up quite a bit of money on your monthly statement.

If you're finding that your home is constantly being cooled yet doesn't maintain the cool air, try insulating your home in certain areas.  The attic is the primary place that heat escapes so that is the best place to start.  The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that proper insulation can cut as much as 50 percent off your heating bill.

Outsmart the weather

You should have a set default temperate for your home, typically most homeowners keep their homes between 68 and 74 degrees.  However, if it's only 60 degrees out, try opening up the windows and letting the cool breeze come in as opposed to using your A/C.  Anytime it is cooler outside than the temperate you keep your home at it's a great idea to let the fresh air roll in.

Likewise, if it's really hot outside and the sun is shining in through your front windows, try closing the blinds. Thought it may feel good to let the sunlight in, it can drastically increase the temperature of your home, requiring you to use more A/C.

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