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Thursday, March 20, 2014

RANLife Competes in the Salt Lake County Corporate Games

Every year in Salt Lake County the Murray Sports Office holds what's known as the Corporate Games. Just like the Olympics there are Summer Games and Winter Games and the events are open companies of all sizes to compete in a collection of over 30 events.  Although the goal is to win the coveted Corporate Cup, it is the journey through participation that brings teamwork, morale, camaraderie and company pride to the forefront.

This year marked RANLife's first year participating in the games, which took place March 1st - 15th, 2014. These were the winter games and events consisted of basketball, volleyball, dodge ball, poker, bowling, and other indoor events.  Although we came in 8th place out of our division, the events were a lot of fun and now we know what to expect in the future.

Some highlights from the games:
  • RANLife took 3rd place in co-ed bowling.  (We weren't aware that we had some professional bowlers in the office.)
  • RANLife took 4th place in Men's Basketball. (After one team member rolled his ankle and was not able to play)
  • One of our owners, Scott Weilacher, killed it in the executive challenge.  (An event that involved wearing a pedometer and taking at least 10,000 steps a day for two weeks.)
So we didn't win, but in our minds we also didn't lose! Overall, the games brought our employees closer together and we had a lot of fun.  Some pictures from the events are below, you can also find them on our Facebook here.  

Annie taking her first bowl

Lookin' good...

Annie gets a strike for the team!

Our medal we won in Bowling. 

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