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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Little things you can do around home to show you care on Valentine's Day

So, tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  While for some people that means an expensive dinner and finding extravagant ways to show affection; for others it's opting for the standard heart-shaped box of chocolates and a dozen red roses.  And well, some don't celebrate at all.

However, Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and it does, indeed, deserve to be celebrated.  Keep in mind, we aren't recommending you go crazy breaking the bank to something special - but here some ways you can show that you care around the house without requiring much time or money:

Clean up the house before your spouse comes home

We know this may not sound very special or romantic, but really think about.  How many people really like doing housework? And it always needs to be done.  Doing something like this for your loved one will show that you care about their happiness and have taken the time to reduce their stress and workload.  I guarantee they will come home in a much better mood as well.

Whip up a home made meal

Sure, anyone can make reservations at a fancy fine dining restaurant - but a personalized home cooked meal takes the cake any day.  Plus, you can splurge on dessert without feeling bad.  Make it a special - add candles and fresh roses as a center piece on the table.  Don't forget the beverages too, a nice glass of wine always sets the mood.  Again, let your significant other relax afterwards while you clean up this time.

Surprise them with a personal gift

Flowers and chocolate are great, but also very cliche.  Try personalizing your gift to something your loved one has interest in.  Massages, jewelry, etc are all great - but what about finally remodeling the bathroom like your spouse has asked? Or new home decor for the living room that never got finished? When things are happy at home - your relationship is likely to be happier as well.

So how do you show your loved one you care? Or what have you done in the past to show appreciation? Share in the comments below!

And to all our readers out there, Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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