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Monday, February 3, 2014

Your February home maintenance checklist

Becoming a homeowner comes with additional responsibilities, one of which is the maintenance of your home. Plus, after spending a lifetime amount of money and committing yourself to almost 30 years of monthly payments wouldn't you want your home in tip-top shape always?

Home maintenance can be a lot of work but organizing it out in months or seasons of the year makes it much easier and less work. This way, by the time spring rolls around you're already prepared with cleaned out rain gutters and a garden ready to bloom.

With that said, with winter winding down it's the perfect time to evaluate what needs to be done with your home. Below I've compiled a list of February Home Maintenance Tips as recommended by The Weather Channel. Make sure to keep these tasks in mind this month while at home:

  1. Remove drain traps under sinks and clean them thoroughly. Clean pop-up drain plugs. Inspect the linkage for pop-up drains to make sure they are set properly. To adjust the linkage, squeeze the finger-operated pressure lock to release it and slide it up or down as necessary. 
  2. Inspect grout and caulk around tubs, sinks and showers. Chip out cracked grout and replace missing grout. Stained, discolored and mildewed caulk should be cleaned with trisodium phosphate or other household cleaner. If the caulk remains discolored, remove it and replace it with fresh, mildew-resistant caulk. 
  3. Refinish furniture in a heated garage or workspace equipped with ventilation fans. Otherwise, use water-based strippers, paints, stains and varnishes that are especially formulated for low odors. 
  4. Musty closet odors can be reduced or eliminated by removing the closet's contents and washing walls with a diluted solution of chlorine bleach. In addition, try replacing solid doors with louvered doors. Note: If the mustiness is the result of moisture, find the source and correct it. Otherwise the problem will come back. 
  5. To keep valves from sticking and check for leaks, turn all water valves off and on. This includes outdoor faucets and valves to toilets, bathroom and kitchen sinks, laundry, bar, etc.
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