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Monday, February 24, 2014

10 ways to get organized at home and reduce your stress

Getting your home organized will end up going a long way when it comes to maximizing your efficiency.  For example, look at what happens when you're running late for work and can't find your car keys; your stress level immediately sky rockets.  When your world and home included are full of clutter, your mind feels tense and distracted.  

Therefore, it's important to get organized in your life - starting right at home.  Your home should be a place to unwind and relax after a hard day so you feel mentally prepared to handle work and everything else going on in your life.  So what does it take to get organized at home? Here are 10 key home organization tips that will get your life in order:

1. Start Small

Most likely, unless you have a small home, you're not going to clean and organize the whole house in one day.  Choose one place to start; the kitchen on Sunday, the living room on Monday, bedrooms on Tuesday, etc.  

2. Schedule Time to Organize

Plan a time to clean and get organized and treat it as if it were a set time like a doctors appointment.  Maybe it's every morning before work from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. Even setting aside an hour at a home will help get you organized faster.  

3. Ask For Help

Your spouse, kids, and other family members are great people to ask for help.  Assign them different tasks so they know what it is you would like sorted and finished.  If you're the type that works better alone, then go ahead and do that too.  

4. Prep Your Work Station
  • Get cleaning supplies if necessary.  Brooms, mops, paper towels, etc.  
  • Sort your items into different piles
    • Items to be resorted
    • Items to be recycled 
    • Items to be thrown away
    • Items to be stored
    • Items to be given away
    • Items to be sold in a garage sale 
5. Dive In & Sort

Start de-cluttering from left to right or top to bottom, however will you help you go through the room fastest.  If you're reorganizing a drawer or box of items, dump them all out and pick it apart that way.  This is the part where you will really got down and dirty.  

6. Dump Duplicates

Do you perhaps have 8 spatulas and don't know why? Or maybe 7 hair brushes that you never seem to use. They key to this is the one and one rule.  For every one item you buy, throw one item away.  

7. Look For Clutter Control Solutions

There is often one easy solution for each of your clutter stations.  Whether it be shoe rack in your bedroom, a storage ottoman in your living room, there are plenty of space saving solutions out there to fit every home space and need.  

8. Find a Set Place for Everything

Once everything has been de-cluttered and sorted, find a place that is convenient for each item.  Only put back items that you really want and will put to use.  

9. Clean Up or Reschedule

Once you are all finished, make sure to put all cleaning supplies back where they belong and all storage containers back into the storage area.  Don't leave out prep tools or unsorted piles.  If you must, reschedule for another organization day as soon as possible.  

10. Maintain.

This is the most important rule to remember! You've just spent hours, maybe even days getting organized in your home.  Don't let all that time go to waste by going back to old habits.  Take even 10-20 minutes each day to clean up small clutter and put everything back where it belong.  This way you can come home and relax from work each night without feeling guilty or stressed.  

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