Best places to get in shape

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best places to get in shape
At left: A Fairfield, Conn. three-bedroom, 2½-bath, 1,458 sq. ft. home for $430,000. At right: A San Francisco three-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,600 sq. ft. home for $849,000.
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It's not easy to step up your diet and exercise routine -- and having a Cinnabon on every corner sure doesn't help.

To find the best metros for getting fit, MONEY and Trulia crunched some health-centric data, looking for places with easy access to nutritious food, dietary advice, and plenty of exercise options.
We compare the top two.

East Coast vs. West Coast
Two of the nation's healthiest metro areas face off.
Fairfield County, Conn.San Francisco
Gyms and fitness centers per 10,000 households5.33.8
Diet and weight loss centers per 10,000 households0.360.28
Ratio of "slow food" to fast-food restaurants1.411.6
Percent of population who walk or bike to work3%9.2%
Median home price$470,000$829,000
Increase in asking price (2012 to 2013)9.8%15.2%
For-sale homes affordable to the middle class36%14%
Median square feet for affordable home1,3171,000
NOTES: Fitness-related data from 2010 and 2011. Pricing information as of November. Square footage and affordability data from October. SOURCE: Trulia