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Monday, October 7, 2013

Time to move? How to find the right city for you

If you've ever had to move before, you know what a stressful process it can be.  Unless you're the kind of person that enjoys organizing their things and packing up all of your belongings, you probably agree that moving isn't a whole lot of fun.  However, it's sometimes an unavoidable process; you get a new job, move away for school, or sometimes just need to upgrade to a bigger and better house.  

So the first step is finding the right place or city to live in.  This is a big decision and you want to ensure you pick the best place for you and your lifestyle so check out our tips below and how to find the right city for you: 

Start Online

When it comes to looking for a new place to live, the internet can be your best friend.  Anything you need to know can be found online without ever leaving your front living room.  Check out sites such as City-Data.com where a simple search will provide you statistics on population, household income, crime and much more.  There is even an online message board that features questions of others interested in moving to the area.  This will be a great resource for any questions you may have of your own.  

After narrowing down a few cities that spark your interest, it's time to see what all they have to offer.  Sites such as TripAdvisor.com provides reviews on restaurants and other fun spots around town.  

Check It Out For Yourself

If possible, we recommend that you go visit the location of interest to assure it is a place you could see yourself living permanently.  Pay attention to details like what the commute to and from work would be as well as rent and home prices in the area.  Nothing would be worse than finding out that your commute involves the use of six different highways or finding out that you live next to a smokey oil factory.  

Weight Out the Pro's and Con's

If you're moving for the purpose of a job it's obvious that you don't have much choice on location but if you're just looking to get a fresh start or want to try out somewhere new, it's best to start by listing all the places that interest you.  Once you write out your list, think about the pro's and con's of each situation and weigh out what is going to be the best choice for you. 

By creating a sorted list you're more likely to end up in the location that will make you the happiest.  

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