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Monday, October 21, 2013

Everything you need to know about buying a home during the holiday season

When it comes to the fall months you might find yourself thinking about the holidays, family get-togethers, and opening Christmas gifts.  But you probably don't associate the process of buying a house with the fall season.

If you're not too picky about the home you buy, purchasing now could be a wise investment.  Seller's usually avoid the end of the year due to shorter days, cold weather, and conventional wisdom that says buyers are just too busy to get out and search for a home.

However, anyone who does attempt to sell their home in the fall season must be urgent to do so.  That's why buying towards the year-end might actually be the best time.  If you are a determined house-hunter, you might want to look into your options of buying now while home seller's are still desperate.  You'll also want to beware of the pros and cons associated with it.


The biggest downside to buying in the fall is a low supply of home inventory.  That's not to say there will be no good homes on the market, but the selection to choose from will be limited.

If you have lots of trouble finding a home you like you should speak with a local real estate agent.  They will have a better idea of home inventory in your area.  They also know what homes are close to being listed.  Working with an agent can give you a first hand look at newly available homes.


When it comes to buying a home in the fall you can't avoid the cold-weather.  Depending on where you want to live, you could be forced to face mile high piles on top of looking for the perfect home.

Make sure that the snow isn't hiding anything in the landscaping that would alert you when it all melts in the spring.  Ask the seller if they have photographs from earlier in the year.


Low inventory and low demand equals reduced pricing.  Less competition during the holiday season might score you a negotiated price on the home you want to purchase.

In some cases, you may need to lower your expectations.  You could get stuck deciding between the big yard or the cozy living room fireplace.  If you are willing to sacrifice a few of your must-haves for a good deal, you just might score big time.


Home buyers and sellers are not the only ones to take a break during the holidays; real estate professionals do as well.  Just like anyone else, Realtors and mortgage loan officers have family and friends to spend time with.

To play it safe, it's best to check with your mortgage professionals before hand just to ensure you aren't left hanging when you finally find the home of your dreams.  Thought mortgage companies should stay open through the holiday season, that doesn't mean their employees are always going to be available.


Nothing would be more exciting than to have a new home for the holidays.  A place to invite all the family over and cook up a big meal.  But if you're a serious buyer, you should be ready to make an offer at any time.

Don't be shy about intruding on someone's home during the holidays.  If the seller is choosing to go through this process during the holiday season, they should be expecting a high amount of traffic in their home.  If there is a for sale sign out front, you can pretty much think of it as a welcome sign.

Buying a home during the holiday season can be a wonderful or stressful process depending on how you approach it.  Be prepared.  Everyone knows what a hectic time the holidays can be.  Constant communication between your real estate agent and loan officer are key to successfully finding a home during the holidays.

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