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Thursday, August 15, 2013

7 ways to prepare your home for the fall season

Summer is finally winding down which means that fall is just around the corner.  Another year of mowing the lawn, tending the garden, and watering the flowers as passed.  

In this time, it's important to take into consideration the next up and coming months.  It's the holiday season, which in turn makes it travel season, and kids' extracurricular activities are usually just beginning for the year.  The last thing you need during this busy time is more home maintenance, so consider these tips below and act now to prevent fall and winter maintenance:

1.  It's getting cold outside, so be prepared for closed windows.  Make sure to give them a good washing inside and out.  Also, be sure to change your air filters and have your ducts cleaned thoroughly.  

2.  With all that cold air outside you're probably going to want to use your fireplace.  Make an appointment before the season gets busy to have your chimneys and other heating appliances inspected and thoroughly cleaned.   

3.  To ensure the highest amount of safety, test out all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries where needed. 

4.  It's a great time to shampoo or steam clean those carpets and anything else needed.  Usually foot traffic slows down in the winter time making it easier to get the job done.  

5.  It's holiday season, which means home cooking will take place more.  Prepare your kitchen by removing any expired or unneeded food items and organizing messy Tupperware to clear shelf and storage space for future items.  

6.  Besides just kitchen storage, refrigerator storage should also be cleared.  Make room for desserts and frozen meals by giving your freezer a good defrost.  

7.  Besides cooking, decorations are a big part of holiday season and both can be very time consuming.  Presort and organize your supplies of season decorations and get ahead of the holidays.  

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