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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

RANLife Home Loans Introduces New Aggressive Strategy of Training withPlans to Add More Employees Throughout the Year

Even through the economic downturn RANLife Home Loans is proud to announce another year of expansion and development with plans to continue increasing their sales staff by 100 percent. In order to keep up with constant recruiting and training they have redesigned their internal training structure in a way to not only maximize potential for the company, but more importantly their employees.

About two years ago RANLife created a training program that implements personalized instruction with rapid advancement. “We were having a hard time finding really good experienced people so we created a program to shape inexperienced people into team leads and management positions in a shorter amount of time,” according to RANLife’s Vice President, Adam Hamilton, who played a huge role in developing and managing the new program.

“It has created a lot of management opportunities because of the constant growth and progression that each member has to take advantage of,” said Hamilton. With the new structure in place, each position within the sales and operations departments now have more than one achievement rank, giving each employee an opportunity to advance three to five times within their position. Each level is incentivized with more responsibilities and compensation and the average time to advance can be as little as six months.

One of RANLife’s top loan officers, Jesse Curtis, is a perfect example of how quickly employees can excel with this new structure. Curtis went from being a level one to level four loan officer within his first two years and is on his way to becoming a level five loan officer by the end of the year. In a conversation about his rapid advancement Curtis stated, “Ultimately, RANLife’s training structure is set up to breed success.”

One of the best benefits offered to RANLife employees is paid licensing and training. Often times financial institutions do not pay for licensing of their employees, which can become quite costly for the individual. “It’s important to work for a company that is going to train you right because this industry can be complicated,” Hamilton commented.

The change in RANLife’s work structure has made all the difference. Over the last year RANLife has been able to promote more employees to team leads and managers than ever before and they speculate companywide growth to continue for at least the next few years. According to Hamilton, “RANLife likes to promote from within because it allows us to grow as a company.”

Employment Opportunities with RANLife Home Loans
RANLife Home Loans offers employment opportunities to qualified persons with or without sales and operations experience. If you have drive, great people skills, and the ability to work on a computer then we want you! For a list of all positions available please click here or email your resume to resume@ranlife.com

About RANLife Home Loans
At RANLife Home Loans our experienced mortgage professionals view a refinance, or purchase of a home loan, as more than just a onetime transaction. We believe it is a start of a long term relationship that can save the homeowner thousands of dollars over the life of their loan. To find out more information, please visit http://www.ranlife.com/index.php


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