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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How To Enjoy Summer - While Cooped Up In The Office

Summer is just around the corner and the warm weather is finally making its way out of hibernation.  While more and more coworkers leave on vacations to the beach, you're stuck at your desk staring at the computer screen. Just as you turn your head from your cubicle you see just an ounce of sunlight through the window and desperately start to imagine you were there.

It's no doubt that being cooped indoors while the sun is shining bright is no fun, so here are some tips to help keep you motivated through the summer months:

1. Take Advantage of the Time To And From Work.

Drive to work normally? Take a bike. Live close enough to walk? Get on your feet. Not only will you get a great workout but you'll be more motivated once you get to work and leave.

2. Eat Lunch Outside.

Why not take the time away from your desk today to sit out on a patio or take a stroll through the park? Getting out for a mid afternoon break is the perfect way to clear your mind so you can focus on the second half of the day.

3. Dress The Part.
Now is the time to bust out your pinks, yellows, and brilliant blues. How you dress can determine how you feel and heighten your mood. Just be sure to stick with your company's dress code and be tasteful (aka no flip flops or shorts).

4. Suggest An Out of Office Team Building Activity or Party

If you can't get out of the office by yourself, bring the rest of the office.  Company wide activies can be a great team building tool while also promoting fun outside of the office.  Make a suggestion to your manager to do a monthly or quarterly activity.

5. Talk To Your Employer

Some employers are more flexible than others, especially in the summer time.  Check with a manager to find out about options of doing four days of 10 hour shifts instead of five days of eight hour shifts.  This would enable you to have a full extra day off; hello to a free Friday or Monday!

6. Be Thankful

Unemployment rates are still extremely high, so be thankful you at least have a job! With that said, most companies offer some sort of vacation days or paid time off.  If you're unsure, ask your HR department.  Lastly, make sure to plan your trip before summer so you can allow plenty of time to notify your manager.

Next time after you start getting derailed at work due to the sunshine, try out these tricks, and remember to treat yourself to something special with your hard-earned summer cash!

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