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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Realtors! Are inventory problems keeping your clients on the sidelines? RANLife Home Loans adds another solution! (2 min read)

Realtors! Are inventory problems keeping your clients on the sidelines? 

RANLife Home Loans adds another solution! (2 min read)

By James Coleman

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you: you take your client to see 5-7 homes in a week. They fall head over heels for one, along with 15 other people. The home goes under contract to the highest and best, your client gets discouraged and the cycle is repeated.

Existing home shortages are a real problem. What is a good solution? Imagine taking your clients to a single appointment with a builder, getting them under contract with the home of their dreams and then collecting your paycheck after the initial loan closes in 30 days! 

Q. But I’ve closed on a new build construction loan and I was paid in 9-12 months after the builder accepted our offer and after the home was built. How can I get paid in 30 days?
A. That loan was likely a 2-step loan!

One-Time vs. 2-Step What’s The Difference?

The 2-Step requires cowboy boots and the One-Time is...... uh? Hip-hop dance?

One-Time Close: RANLife is the lender for both the construction loan AND the permanent mortgage. This saves time and money with one application and one set of closing costs. Once the home is complete, the loan is converted into permanent financing.

2-Step Loan: The construction loan and the permanent loan are closed separately. More work, more costs and 3-trimesters until you see your baby, Benny Franklin. Not to mention the client has to re-qualify for the permanent mortgage.

At RANLife Everybody Wins!

Builder: The construct to perm loan is made to the borrower which could significantly help the builder reserve their credit lines and cash for other opportunities. Risk of borrowers not performing due to rate increases is eliminated with our 270-day lock!

Realtor: You. Get. Paid. Once the loan closes in 30 days, you’re no longer involved! No more long builder meetings to go over options, customization and design.

Buyer:The borrower works with RANLife throughout the entire process. Qualifying for a construction-perm one-time close is easier than a stand-alone construction loan & their interest rate can be locked for 270 days!

Sounds Awesome! Do my borrowers qualify?

Minimum Requirements:
  • 680 FICO
  • 15% Down - YES! 15%, not 20-25!
  • Conventional Loan
  • Maximum Loan Amount:
    • SL County - $600,300
    • Tooele County - $600,300
    • Summit County - $679,650
    • Everywhere else - $453,100
Can’t get closing costs? Don’t worry! Our exclusive New Build Incentive Grant has your client covered for up to *$4,500 on a home in Salt Lake County!*Based off of a $600,300 loan amount. 
Call the Construction Loan Department Manager, James Coleman to discuss your project! 801.478.4552 or email jamesc@ranlife.com 

To learn more visit us at: https://www.ranlife.com/construction_loans.php
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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Looking For Ways to Beat the Summer Heat??

Summertime is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities: going to the pool, neighborhood parties & BBQ's, hiking, walks with the dogs and so much more! But with all this heat also comes the challenge of keeping you and your family from feeling the burn!  So I'm passing along some natural ways to keep you cool using quick an easy tricks indoors, outdoors, and after a day in the sun...here are some quick tips from our friends that like oils and natural ways to ease the pain!!


Do you own a spray bottle? Seriously...get yourself a glass spray bottle with some nice cold water (I put mine in the refrigerator to really keep it cold)...you can add some simple natural oils to help keep you cool...like peppermint, basil, cardamon, cilantro (anything non-citrus).  Just add a few drops to your water bottle, shake it up well, then spray it to all of your pulse points..wrists and neck are the quickest...I love them it on my feet when wearing flip-flops!  Spraying down these areas will cool you down quickly...even if you are on vacation in Florida!! 

Wear the right clothing! If you have never taken the time to check your labels on your clothing....cotton is rotten!  It gets sticky quick!  So, try to find wicking fabrics that breathe, think yoga..athletic wear is a must in this summer heat!  It's easy to get hot in dark colors as well, so loose the black and opt for light grey instead!  The point is to keep the sweat away and still stay cool...I tend to find these fabrics everywhere nowadays, so check your labels people!

Are you drinking enough water?  I know that it sounds cliche' but water is you best friend in the summer!  You need to constantly replace the water that you are loosing with fresh, cold water...especially if you are drinking soda or alcohol!  Quick tip, you can also add peppermint, tangerine, cucumber, lemon to your water to give you a fresh taste..especially if you are not a big water drinker!  Make it fun and add fresh fruit, use a glass bottle if you use oils in the water! Cool down with some slices of watermelon...or even add that to your water as well!!

Eat Light! This is the best time of year to get all of your fruits and veggies in...they are light and in season, so take full advantage!  They digest easier and keep you from feeling full and hot...so if you can't let go of the burger and hot dogs...then at least add some cucumbers and watermelon...less is more!


The First thing to go out in Summer is your air conditioner!!  This is the worst, but happens every summer, especially with the summer we are having.  It will run all day and then freeze up or blow out the fan and stop working, so here some quick tips to help with that not happening...
  1. Get you HVAC serviced ASAP!
  2. Point a fan at an open window - this will help push some of that hot air back outdoors where it belongs!
  3. Plants like Eucalyptus give off natural diffusers to help cool and clean the air.
  4. Portable air filters...they clean the air and cool at the same time...they are great if you have pets because the dander will clean up as well and help with any allergies that you may be having right now!
  5. Blinds and curtains are your friends! Block the sun's rays in rooms you know are he worst, close the windows during the day and keep the shades drawn...when it cools down at night (If it does) then open the windows and doors to get that ventilation through the home and help your air conditioner out in the process!
  6. Water your lawn late at night...it will stay hydrated longer during the day...if you run your water during the day it can actually burn your lawn faster!
  7. When it's cooler outside, you can also take a damp towel and hang it from an open window helping the air coming in cool down as well.
I can't sleep in the heat!  You may be great when it's hot while your sleeping, but I get headaches..and just can't sleep!  Try this...take your pillow cases and bed sheets and put them in your freezer for a while to cool them down....put them on right before you go to bed!  Remember that water bottle we talked about earlier?  Well if it's cold and has a little peppermint in it, spray it over your pillow and sheets lightly and not only will it cool you off, but you will breathe better as well, I like Eucalyptus for this one!

Cool down your body!! Take a cold shower before bedtime, drink lots of iced water with lemon or peppermint...re-hydrate before you sleep!  Quick Tip, you can take your peppermint oil and add a drop to each ice cube tray, fill with water and BOOM peppermint ice! Yes, that just happened!


Sunburns are no fun!  So do what you can not to get a sunburn...yep sunscreen!! But, if you forgot while watching that Soccer game and find yourself with a nice pink tan-line, then here are few quick tips!
  1. Straight Aloe Vera.
  2. Cool Shower.
  3. Coconut oil with a few drops of Lavender oil
  4. Vitamin E oil
  5. Use that spray bottle again and add some Lavender with coconut oil
Trust me, from a person who burns fast and tend to go to the beach every year...everything that I have given you above is always in my travel bag...enjoy the summer the right way!!!

Let us help with the Summer Shopping!

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Why is it important to hire a "Professional" to help sell your home?

Buying a home can be exciting, but for many homeowners, selling the home they’re currently living in is a must before they can move. Whether you’re buying for the first time and moving into a single family home from an apartment, you’re selling your home to downsize, or anything in-between, avoiding legal battles during the process is essential.
Here are ways to safeguard yourself when shopping for a new home or selling your existing one.
Hire Qualified Professionals
Selling your home and buying a house are both major life decisions that involve a whole lot of money. To protect yourself and avoid court, hiring people you can trust right from the beginning is a very important step. For sellers, hiring an agent who has the right market research and experience can help you avoid trouble down the road. For buyers, an agent that understands the area, the inspection process, and what you should look for when shopping will help you greatly.
Don’t get caught off-guard at any point during the buying or selling process. Have knowledgeable professionals on your side who can help make the process smooth and easy for you from the jump.

Get an Inspection
You’ve probably heard that getting a thorough inspection is a top priority whether you’re buying or selling a home. If you want to prevent legal battles and issues with the buyer or seller, it is absolutely imperative. In fact, both parties need to get separate inspections to ensure they’re on the same page.
When selling your home, get a thorough inspection and disclose any issues the property may have in writing. If you’re the buyer, get your own inspection and share the results with the seller. In most cases, you should be able to come to an agreement on price and repair responsibilities, if there are any.
If you’re a buyer, a legal warranty should also be something you look for. This ensures that the property is free of existing loans, in line with existing public laws, and not subject to third party input.
Make Time to Talk
The process of buying and selling can feel like a whirlwind, but making time to actually take to the buyer or seller is ideal in most cases. You’ll still need the right professionals and documentation, but sometimes simply feeling out the people you’re working with can tell you whether it’s a good situation or not.
In many cases, a simple phone call or face to face meeting at the property can prevent a lot of long-term headaches and potential legal trouble.

Buying or selling a home is a major decision and not something most people take lightly. The process can be easy, but it can also be rife with troubles if you skip steps or go in blindly. Follow these tips to buy or sell a home whether it’s your first starter house or the dream home you’ve always desired.

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